Zuma Philosophy

This is the concept of work in Zuma: Advice of a Professional Technical Sales Staff to propose best solutions for technology development and manufacturing of Galenic Laboratory. High Quality, in the most extreme interpretation, steel and advanced machines of high precision and reliability

Laboratory Equipment and Tools

Wide range of machinery for small, medium and large productions. The catalog Zuma meets all the needs of the Galenic Laboratory. Design, Development and Production Internal meet all quality standards, in full compliance with the requirements of Good Preparation.

Machinery and Equipment for Industry

Manufacture of automatic machines and lines for dosage and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal. The machines for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, R & D and galenic pharmacy. Each machine can be customized, thanks to a considerable flexibility of production.

Packaging & Consumer Goods

Management of stock and quick delivery of: hard gelatine capsules, vegetable capsules, bottles, aluminum tubes, Blister anonymous and personalized boxes Blister, rectal and vaginal tubes, ovules.


Promotional area.

ZUMA is able to offer attractive financial solutions Customized (Operative Rental, Leasing, Zero rate) for new store openings and expansion Galenic Laboratory equipment. Contact us. Our staff has your disposal