The Zuma philosophy

Professional Consulting and Best Quality. This is the concept of work in Zuma: Professional consultancy of a technical sales Staff to propose the best solutions for the technological and productive development of the Galenic laboratory.
High quality, in the most extreme interpretation, steel and advanced technologies for machines of high precision and reliability.


Founded in 1948 as a family-owned handicraft company, Zuma has been able to qualify more and more its production by designing, developing and realizing technologically increasingly advanced and sophisticated equipments, able to satisfy every Different specific requirements in the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, herbal and food preparation.

The wide range of patented own productions and distribution licenses acquired over the years, have made ZUMA the leading company in the sector and have accentuated its international vocation, extending its success from Italy and Europe To the entire world market.


Every product proposed by Zuma is always realized with particular attention to the materials and the technologies used, in conformity to the international safety norms, and it is systematically and scrupulously checked and tested.
Zuma also offers a wide range of tools and services for the customization of preparations and guarantees the supply in very fast times and consumables of all kinds proposing not only as a producer, but also as a company able to offer a Efficient global service.