Automatic blistering machine Zuma Blaz/500

It is the most modern answer to the problems of packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal products made of gelatine capsules and/or tablets. Structurally made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium, it is supplied with an interchangeable mould for blisters of choice among the various available, offering the possibility to seal different types of blisters, preformed and partially With the substitution of the mould supplied with other supplementary. The machine has fully automatic operation (both for the management of temperature and welding time and for the coupling pressure of the materials) and allows to seal the blisters with extreme precision and rapidity, avoiding the errors determined From involuntary inconstancy of manual drive (temperature, time and/or insufficient pressure and/or excessive) and therefore guaranteeing an always accurate and reliable sealing, typical of industrial quality systems.

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