Manual Encapsulator OMC/100

Ideal for pharmacies, laboratories and herbalists the manual operator OMC/100 allows to carry out quickly and without any manipulation of the contents the simultaneous opening, filling and closing operations of 100 hard gelatine operacles. Made of non-toxic plastic material, it is equipped with a base plate of the desired size (available in sizes from 000 to 4) and equipped with an exclusive opening/closing system and locking of the capsules by means of a very simple frontal lever, also the Adjusting the ejector table allows a perfect interchangeability of the accessory plates.

Compact size and extremely easy to use and maintain. The manual operator OMC/100 also offers ample guarantees of safety reliability and long life thanks to appropriate precautions such as rounded handles anti-cutting and reinforcements on the pressure points of the container plate and lid. On request, the loading hopper is also available to limit the dispersion of the powders.

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