Semi-automatic capsule filling machine Zuma CSZ/300Y

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine made of stainless steel with a reduced base, with rounded edges, suitable for small and large spaces, innovative conveyor extraction system by simply pressing the handles on the sides for easy and quick cleaning and eventual removal of blockages ‘indoor. The Loader offers great precision and speed in the orientation operations and correct introduction of the empty and closed capsules in one step, for 150 Capsules, or in two stages for 300 Capsules (150 + 150) directly in the Loading Cassette. Suitable for sizes from 00 to 4 adopts a system of anti-jam orientators combs that guarantee maximum reliability of the results. It is supplied with an interchangeable guide plate of the desired format and the relative hopper for loading the capsules. This loader is unique to combine with the OSZ / 150 and OSZ / 300K Capsules with a considerable saving of money.

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